Instructions for the use of herbicide Select, composition and form of release

Instructions for the use of herbicide Select, composition and form of release

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Herbicide Select is a new unique drug that has a systemic and selective effect. In the agricultural industry, it is used to protect soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower and beets from overgrowths of annual and perennial weeds. You will find information about this drug and its correct use below.

Composition and form of release of funds

The substance is available in the form of a highly concentrated emulsion. The active ingredient is cletodim (120 g / l). Sold in 5 liter plastic cans.

Pros of the drug

Select is in great demand among consumers because:

  • copes well with more than 40 types of weeds, even with carrion;
  • safe for broadleaf crops;
  • does not adversely affect crop rotation;
  • effective against the root system and green aerial weeds;
  • half-life in soil within 72 hours;
  • quickly penetrates into plants, therefore, if it rains an hour after spraying, it will not affect the result;
  • suitable for use at any stage of development of a cultivated plant;
  • has a convenient formulation;
  • safe for mammals, birds and bees;
  • can be used near open water bodies;
  • non-phytotoxic.

The mechanism of action of herbicide Select

In the process of processing, it is quickly absorbed by weeds and passes into its root. After a couple of hours, the herbicide will fully penetrate the weeds, stop cell division and photosynthesis.

The type of soil and the peculiarities of weather conditions do not affect the effectiveness of the drug. It shows good results in small doses, and when used in a tank mix reduces the dosage of other pesticides.

Weeds completely die after spraying after 1-2 weeks. New ones can appear in at least 8 weeks.

Weed activity spectrum

Almost 40 species of annual and perennial cereal weeds are completely killed by Select. This even includes the carrion.

The herbicide is practically useless against:

  • creeping wheatgrass;
  • bristle;
  • Aleppo sorghum;
  • sundew;
  • finger pig;
  • millet.

Also, it does not act on weeds that have appeared after spraying.

Duration of action

With the correct dosage calculation and spraying, new weeds should appear in about 2 months.

Consumption rates

Select's standard rate is 50-60 liters per hectare. The product is only suitable for spraying. To process a hectare of annual cereal plants, you need up to 700 ml of the substance, for perennial - 1.8 liters.

The consumption rate of the substance is about 300 liters of diluted emulsion per hectare.

Preparation of working substance

The mixture must be prepared right before use. For this, only clean water is suitable. It can also be a technical liquid, the main thing is that it does not contain suspensions and mechanical impurities that can clog the sprayer nozzles.

Fill the sprayer tank with water halfway, turn on the mixer and add the required amount of Select. When everything is well mixed, fill the tank to the top with water. If foam forms during stirring, a little antifoam can be added to the solution.

Instructions for use

It is necessary to carry out processing during the period when 2-6 leaves appear on the weeds. The vegetation of cultivated plants does not affect this.

It is recommended to perform the procedure early in the morning or in the evening. If there is a strong gusty wind outside, it is better to postpone it. Rain or temperature fluctuations do not affect the performance of the Select.

Spraying can be done once a season. It is possible to contact the treated cultures only 7 days after the procedure. Mechanized work is allowed 72 hours after application.

CultureWeed typeHerbicide amountWhen to spray

Annual cereals

0.6-0.7 l per hectare

When 2-4 leaves appeared on the weeds

Rape, soy0.5-0.7 l per hectare of crops
Beets, sunflowers, soybeans and rapeseedCereal perennials, creeping wheatgrass1.6-1.8 liters per hectare of cropsWhen the creeping wheatgrass reaches a height of 20 cm

It is strictly forbidden to violate the instructions, as this can negatively affect the condition of cultivated plants and their yield.

The maximum effectiveness of the drug is achieved at a temperature of + 8-25 degrees and a humidity of 65-90 percent.

If it is very hot and dry outside, the herbicide may lose some of its effectiveness.

Safety engineering

Spraying should be carried out in a protective suit, gloves, glasses and a mask, avoid getting the solution on the skin and mucous membranes. After successful completion of the procedure, you need to thoroughly wash your hands and wash your face.

The herbicide is safe for bees, but it should be used when the bees do not fly out.


The Select has a third hazard class, so it is relatively safe for mammals.

Is it compatible with other drugs

The select does not interact with other herbicides, so such mixing is best avoided. There is a certain antagonism in tank mixes with bentazone and imazaquin, which are used to control broadleaf weeds.

Terms and conditions of storage

Select should be stored in its original packaging in a dry, dark, well-ventilated area. It is suitable for 2 years from the date of issue and provided that the integrity of its packaging has not been violated. It is forbidden to get the substance on food or food.

Similar herbicides

The only analogue of Select is Centurion.


Select is one of the most effective herbicides that destroys weeds for a long time. With its help, you will be able to achieve the best yield and will not waste a lot of time on inter-row cultivation.

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