Description and features of the Narcissus Delnasho variety, planting rules and plant care

Description and features of the Narcissus Delnasho variety, planting rules and plant care

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The flowers of the Delnasho daffodil variety are pink and white, arranged in several circles. The inner one is usually white - it looks imprinted on a pale pink core. Gardeners who choose Delnasho to grow will bring a wonderful, romantic atmosphere to their garden.

Description and characteristics of Narcissus Delnasho

This variety of daffodil has double flowers. The plant reaches a height of 45 centimeters. Narcissus Delnasho begins flowering in April and ends in May. The length of time during which flowering lasts is 10-15 days for one flower.

In the flower of the daffodil Delnasshaugn, white and pink rounded petals of a delicate shade alternate. The flower reaches 15 centimeters in size. The petals of the daffodil Delnashaugh are arranged in more than two circles.

One or two flowers can grow on one peduncle. The plant hibernates on its own, and from the beginning of spring it begins to germinate. The life time is usually 5-6 years.

Main pros and cons

This flower is grown according to certain rules, but the labor expended will be rewarded by obtaining gorgeous pale pink double flowers.

As a disadvantage, one can consider the fact that suitable conditions must be provided for the narcissist, and this requires a certain amount of work.

Features of cultivation Varieties

Fulfilling the necessary rules, you can provide the daffodil Delnasho with luxurious flowering.

Timing and site preparation

Plants can be planted between September and October. For the daffodil Delnasho, a sunny, but possibly shaded area is suitable. It cannot stand cold winds. Therefore, the place where it grows must be protected from them. In this case, the flowering time will increase.

This plant does not like areas where groundwater is located close to the ground.

These plants grow normally on sandy soil as well as on clay soil. However, the ground must be prepared before planting. If before that daffodils did not grow here at all, then it is necessary to clear the land of debris and weeds, tree roots and stones.

Since these plants like to have enough moisture, the area needs to be well drained. If moisture can stagnate here, then you should not plant Delnasho daffodils.

The most suitable soil for growing these plants is loamy, in which the pH should not exceed 7.

Preparation of planting material

Bulb preparation begins when the leaves begin to dry out. They need to be dug up and cleaned of the earth. After that, it is necessary to keep them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To prepare the latter, it is enough to use 3-4 crystals of the substance per liter of pure water.

After processing, the bulbs are dried dry and folded for storage. Keep them dry and well ventilated.

If you plan to plant the bulbs immediately, then they do not need to be cleaned from the ground and dried.

The first step is to inspect the planting material and remove damaged or rotten bulbs from it. It is recommended to use the largest bulbs for planting.

Landing technology

When landing, a hole of 8-12 centimeters is made for him. The distance between the nearest plants should be at least 15-20 centimeters. The rows are spaced from each other at a distance of 20-3 centimeters. When placed tighter, the bulbs will grow as the plant grows. If you arrange them freely, then they will grow and give children.

For a month, then, how the planting will be, the soil needs to be dug up and fertilized. It can be done as follows: mix superphosphate, potassium salt and humus.

After placing the bulb in the hole, sprinkle it with earth and then level the soil over it. A layer of peat or humus is poured on top to carry out mulching.

The subtleties of flower care

After the Delnasho daffodils have been planted, the plants need to be looked after.

Irrigation mode

During the spring period, Delnasho daffodils require abundant watering. However, it is necessary to observe the measure.

Water should not be allowed to stagnate. In such a situation, the bulbs may start to rot.

Watering is done after the soil has dried out from the previous one. When the plants are finished blooming, there is no need to interrupt watering. During this time, the bulb accumulates nutrients.

Water for irrigation should not be icy. For this, it is recommended to use one that has an ambient temperature.

It is necessary to stop watering only when the leaves dry out.

Top dressing and fertilizers

For normal growth, these plants need top dressing, which in its composition contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

Immediately after planting, during the year, daffodils mainly use the nutrients accumulated in the bulb for growth.

The first of the dressings is done when the bulbs are planted in the ground. It must be applied along with watering. The top dressing should contain potassium, phosphorus and sodium. These substances are essential for the normal growth of the plant.

When buds are formed, nitrogen-potassium fertilizers are required. In this case, it is enough to take 50 grams per square meter.

The third time fertilization is applied at the beginning of flowering. In this case, nitroammophoska is suitable. After completing top dressing, it is necessary to loosen the soil. It is recommended to apply fertilizer to wet soil.


It is made when the leaves are dry. After that, trimming is performed. By winter, the roots are covered with fallen leaves, wood ash or other materials to protect them from freezing in winter.

Diseases, pests and prevention from them

Common illnesses for the narcissist Delnasho are:

  • fusarium;
  • penicillous rot;
  • borithiosis.

The first of these affects the root system. As a result, the roots darken and growth slows down. Excess watering and excess nitrogen may be the cause. It is impossible to cure fusarium. Therefore, the infected plant must be removed.

For the prevention of borithiosis, it is recommended to treat the roots with Bordeaux liquid. The plant is dug up, processed and dried within a week. It can then be planted in soil.

Flower propagation methods

The bulbs gradually grow - the children are separated from them and planted separately.

Narcissus Delnasho in landscape design

This daffodil is well suited for flower beds that are meant to bloom in spring. It can be combined well with various types of plants..

Narcissus Delnasho can be used in landscape design in various ways:

  • if you grow it under a tree;
  • when they sit down on the shore to decorate a reservoir;
  • it can be placed among the stones on the lawn;
  • looks good when grown in containers;
  • daffodil Delnasho can be placed on the lawn.

Luxurious pale pink flowers can bring a note of romantic beauty around the place where they grow.

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