Characteristics and description of ultra-early ripening varieties of tomatoes for growing in the open field or greenhouse

Characteristics and description of ultra-early ripening varieties of tomatoes for growing in the open field or greenhouse

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What ultra-early ripening varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses are better to choose, you can find out by studying the description of the most popular and demanded ones. Early ripe tomatoes can be grown in a heated room all year round, which means fresh vegetables will be available for any holiday.

Variety for greenhouse conditions

Ultra-ripe tomatoes can differ in bush height, fruit size, sour or sweetish taste, and agricultural technology. The following varieties of tomatoes can be selected for the greenhouse.

The F1 donut begins to bear fruit after 85 days. A determinant variety, the bush stops growing, reaching 67 cm. The yield is large, therefore it is necessary to install a support so that the stem does not break under the mass. It is necessary to form two or even three stems, it is imperative to remove lateral shoots in time.

Ripening, round, smooth fruits begin to take on a bright red hue. Weight approx. 155 g. Thick skin prevents cracking and allows vegetables to be transported over long distances.

The variety resists well the most common tomato diseases, is not whimsical to the composition of the soil, and can develop without frequent watering.

Description of the gardener's Dream variety will help you make a choice in favor of this variety. It belongs to the determinant group. The height of the bush does not exceed 67 cm, but it has quite spreading branches. During cultivation, it is required to cut off the side branches and tie the stem to a support.

Numerous fruits ripen on clusters of about 5 pieces. Bright, red tomatoes have a rounded, slightly flattened shape, the weight can reach 175 g. Juicy, medium-density pulp is covered with a dense skin, it is it that protects the fruit from deformation.

The variety tolerates unfavorable factors, including diseases. Differs in amicable formation of a large number of tasty and juicy tomatoes.

Crystal F1 is recommended to grow only in greenhouse conditions. The plant belongs to the indeterminate group and if you do not limit growth, it can outgrow 150 cm. A long stem necessarily requires tying up and cutting off excess branches.

After 90 days, you can enjoy a large harvest. Fruits of a round shape of a classic red color can reach 140 g in weight. Tomatoes are characterized by thick walls, therefore they are well and long stored, as well as transported over long distances.

The variety can be chosen for its tasty, uniformly sized and shaped fruit that does not crack. The plant shows high resistance to diseases common among tomatoes.

Tomatoes of the Present F1 variety are greenhouse ones. It reaches a height of only 75 cm. Suitable only for ground protected with foil or polycarbonate. During cultivation, it is required to carry out pinching and tying the stem to the support.

Fiery red, even, smooth fruits have a round shape, fleshy inside. Weight can reach 170 g. They are well and long stored and transported.

The positive aspects are increased resistance to common diseases, unpretentiousness to the peculiarities of care and high yields.

The meal belongs to the indeterminate varieties of tomatoes. Vegetables are early ripening. Ripening occurs already on the 87th day. It can grow up to 180 cm, so the stem needs vertical or horizontal support. To preserve the yield, you need to remove the side branches in a timely manner.

The bright red fruit has an oblong shape, the weight is only 18 g. The dense skin does not allow cracking, therefore the tomatoes are stored for a long time and can be transported over long distances.

A distinctive feature of the variety is its high resistance to moisture deficiency. They rarely get sick and are not exposed to pests.

The Riddle variety will allow you to harvest tomatoes ahead of time and already on day 85 you can see ripe fruits. The bush belongs to the determinant type. Growth stops at about 60 cm. The powerful trunk does not require additional support. Due to its compactness, it takes up little space in the garden.

Rounded fruits have a slight ribbing in the region of the stalk. The bright red fruits weigh approximately 100 g.

Shows resistance to diseases, tolerates a lack of light and moisture well. There are almost no side branches, so there is no need for pinching. Does not require increased attention during the growing season. The fruits tolerate transportation well and have a high keeping quality.

The raspberry giant can impress with its large fruit size and a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. Belongs to the determinant group, so there is no need to pinch the growth point. The bush, having reached a height of 85 cm, stops growing.

On numerous brushes, fruits ripen after 90 days. The shape is rounded, slightly flattened on opposite sides. Weight can reach 380 g. Ripe fruits become raspberry-pink in color. Fleshy medium density pulp contains few seeds. The skin is thin, but strong enough to protect it from cracking.

A large number of large fruits is the most important positive side of the variety. Diseases bypass the plant, and also it does not rot. The fruits can be stored for a long time without losing their shape.

Anastasia is a very early variety. It belongs to the determinant species, it grows high enough. Growing will not take much time and labor. You will need to form 1 or 2 stems, which must be tied up.

Fruits are formed on clusters of about 7 pieces, weighing about 180 g. The color turns red during ripening. The shape is slightly oblong with a characteristic taper near the nose.

Betta is a determinant variety. The bush has a powerful stem, the height of which is no more than 55 cm. Caring for vegetables is simple, you do not need to pinch and tie. Up to 2 kg of fruit can be harvested from one bush.

Tomatoes are placed in 6 pieces on clusters, weight is about 50 g. The shape is rounded with a slight ribbing near the stalk. The thin skin of the tomato is covered with a delicate red tone during ripening. The pulp is juicy and contains few seeds.

Tomatoes are very sweet and will change the taste of any dish for the better. The plant tolerates temperature changes well, is not particularly demanding for care and shows resistance to diseases.

Low-growing varieties of tomatoes ripen a little earlier than tall ones. But on the other hand, tall bushes of tomatoes give more yield. Other popular varieties are, for example, Sanka, Danko.

Types for open beds

Tomato varieties for open ground must tolerate unfavorable conditions, such as rain, wind, heat, well. The fast ripening of the fruit allows the harvest to be harvested even before the diseases begin to spread.

Ultra-early ripening tomatoes for open beds are simply salvation, since unstable weather conditions, pests and diseases sometimes cause a decrease in the yield or its complete loss.

The superearly varieties of tomatoes that are recommended for planting in open ground include the following.

The Moscow ultra-early ripening tomato can surprise with the appearance of tomatoes after 73 days. Determinant bushes reach a height of about 55 cm. Care consists in rare but abundant watering, loosening the soil and regular feeding.

Round-shaped fruits can weigh about 100 g, are characterized by amicable ripening. When mature, the red, flat surface has an orange tint. The dense flesh and skin allow the fruit to be stored for a long time.

The variety firmly tolerates all tomato diseases, is not picky about care, easily tolerates temperature fluctuations and other adverse effects.

Tomatoes for open ground Aphrodite F1 will delight you with their juicy fruits after 90 days. The plant reaches a height of 1.5 meters. Growing requires increased care. It is imperative to establish a support and remove side branches. The plant loves a lot of sunlight and accepts fertilizers well.

Smooth, round red fruits weigh about 105 g. Sweetish taste of pulp with a small amount of seeds will not leave anyone indifferent. Harvested tomatoes are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well.

High yield allows you to remove up to 7 kg of vegetables from the bush. The variety is slightly susceptible to infections, rarely affected by pests. Poorly tolerates temperature changes, lack of timely watering and fertilization.

Maxim is an ultra-early variety that is ready to present tomatoes after 80 days. A bush of a determinant type, in height does not exceed 55 cm. Slightly spreading branches will take up a little space in garden beds.

At the time of ripening, the fruits acquire a red-orange tint. The shape is round, slightly flattened on both sides. The fleshy insides are characterized by sugariness. The weight of each tomato is no more than 100 g.

A large number of tomatoes are placed on one bush, which do not crack, are stored for a long time and tolerate long journeys.

Skovorodina is a very early variety. A strong, powerful stem stretches in height only up to 47 cm. No pinching and installation of a support is required.

Round fruits turn red and scarlet during the ripening season. The mass reaches 90 g. The pulp has a sweet-sour taste. Thin but dense skin maintains the integrity of the structure for a long time and prevents cracking during transportation.

Shows high resistance to diseases and other adverse conditions. Numerous fruits ripen at the same time and are of the same size.

Wind rose is an early ripening variety. The characteristic of the plant marks the short stature of the bush. The height most often does not exceed 45 cm.

The fruits are round in shape, as they ripen, they acquire a bright pink hue. The average weight is about 135 g.

Plant care is minimal, no need to pinch and tie. It is required to water and weed the beds on time. Well tolerates rare watering. The harvest can be rich.

The F1 doll begins to bear fruit after 87 days. It belongs to the determinant group of plants, it stretches in height only up to 65 cm. Since a lot of fruits are formed on the branches, a garter is required. Extra branches can be removed to increase fruit production.

The tomatoes ripen together and are of the same size. The shape is round, slightly flattened. The mass of one tomato can reach 350 g. Ripe tomatoes are colored pinkish. The dense, sugary pulp contains few seeds. The fruits are well stored and transported.

Good reviews from experienced vegetable growers can also be found about other equally popular varieties of tomatoes that are characterized by early ripening periods: Bullfinch, Katyusha, White filling, Alaska, Alpha, Amur shtamb, Junior, Explosion.

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