Yellowed lawn

Yellowed lawn

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Question: yellowed lawn

Hi I sowed my lawn in April getting a good result, for a month now I'm slowly seeing all the lawn turning yellow. Specifically, I'm talking about 30 square meters punctually irrigated with a rain system with fixed pop-ups twice a day (evening and early morning) for 5 minutes each departure. Help me what can I do?

Answer: yellowed lawn

Dear Sergio,
unfortunately having a beautiful lawn in Italy is not so simple, especially in the summer months, when the heat, the sun and the drought very quickly dry up the soil making it very difficult for small lawn plants to grow. To ensure that our plants survive the climate of July and August it is necessary to start in the previous months, cultivating the plants so that they develop a healthy, well-branched, and above all deep root system; this is because, the more the roots are in depth, the less they are affected by the external heat, and the better they can look for water and the moisture that remains in the ground. The best way to make the lawn develop deep roots is to irrigate it abundantly, so as to wet the soil up to a depth of 20-25 cm, and intersperse the waterings for at least 3-4 days; this obviously in early spring, in April and May. With very abundant watering, but spread over time, the plants are forced to look for water more and more in depth. When the heat of June arrives, your lawn will be ready to face changing temperatures and environmental humidity. In addition to this, unfortunately it is not possible to establish in April how much water will serve our lawn in the middle of summer; ten total minutes of daily irrigation can supply just enough water in May, but quite paltry in the middle of July, with high temperatures and no rain. Consider that a turf in the summer requires about 5 liters of water per day per square meter, which you will have to replenish, 10 minutes of irrigation, unless you have irrigators similar to those used in cornfields, I doubt that are sufficient; rather than watering twice a day for very short periods of time, in the summer months water every two days, for about 40-45 minutes, in the early morning hours (between four and six, for instance). In the cool months, characterized by a more humid and rainy climate, you can water even once a week, always for a good period of time. Clear that a lot depends on the capacity of your irrigation system, and on the type of soil; from what you tell, in my opinion you are simply watering the lawn a little, and then the plants dry up. If you do some research online, you will certainly find the calculations to do to measure how much water your lawn needs, and you can better understand how to activate your irrigation system.