Why do quails have swollen eyes, symptoms of conjunctivitis and how to treat the disease

Why do quails have swollen eyes, symptoms of conjunctivitis and how to treat the disease

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Quail breeding has recently become a very popular activity. Ease of maintenance, tasty meat and eggs are all the advantages of breeding birds. However, the strong overcrowding of livestock can cause various infectious diseases. What to do if a quail has swollen eyes, why this can happen, how to solve a problem - this is today's conversation.

Causes of conjunctivitis in quails

Eye problems in birds can occur due to errors in the keeping of the livestock, with improper nutrition of the quail, or be of an infectious nature. The disease is contagious, it must be treated immediately after detection, otherwise all birds will suffer, especially if it is of a viral or bacterial nature.

Poorly cleaned cages, droppings and feed residues adhering to paws or feathers, and then getting into the eyes are common causes of inflammation. Eye problems in a dirty, uncleaned cage are caused by ammonia fumes from urine and fresh bird droppings. Keeping in a cold, damp room also causes conjunctivitis.

Quails are active and nimble birds. Mechanical trauma to the eye, dust or debris getting into it lead to inflammation. The source of infection with infectious conjunctivitis can be the droppings of sick individuals or contaminated poor-quality feed. Young animals up to 2 months of age often suffer from infections.

Lack of vitamin A is another cause of conjunctivitis. A systematic lack of retinol in the diet of birds causes eye inflammation and blindness in quail.

Symptoms of the disease

They appear shortly after infection and are visible to the naked eye. Conjunctivitis is characterized by:

  • purulent or mucous discharge from one or both eyes of the bird;
  • stuck feathers around the eyes;
  • swelling of the eyelids.

Quails suffering from conjunctivitis become less mobile and lose their appetite. If these signs are found, sick birds are isolated from the rest of the livestock.

Diagnostic rules

Since eye inflammation can be a symptom of dangerous infections, a doctor should diagnose a sick bird.

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Important: it is necessary to exclude infection with salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, psittacosis, especially if there are several sick birds.

Conjunctivitis is diagnosed on the basis of the clinical manifestations of the disease, in difficult cases, laboratory tests are prescribed, and after them a course of antibiotics.

How to treat puffy eyes in a bird

A cage with a sick quail is placed in a dry, clean, warm and well-ventilated room. It must be slightly shaded so that the bright light does not irritate the bird. She needs vitamin A (use the oil form of the drug), the dosage is set by the veterinarian. Eyes are washed with furacilin solution (½ tablet per 100 milliliters of water) or boric acid solution (2 grams of the drug per 120 milliliters of water). The feathers around the eyes of the quail are also treated with an antibacterial agent.

After washing, tetracycline eye ointment is placed behind the eyelid or eye drops with an antibiotic in a child's dosage are instilled. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. After the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, treatment is continued for another 3 days, for the bird to fully recover. It is necessary to balance the diet of birds, to prevent a lack of vitamins and minerals.


To prevent the quail from getting sick, it is necessary to keep the cages clean, remove the droppings, and change the litter. For the preparation of the grain mixture, high-quality grain without traces of mold is used. There should be a container with shell rock in the cage; the quails need salt. A large crowding of birds should not be allowed.

Birds should always have fresh water, quails are given chalk, finely ground eggshells, grated vegetables (carrots, zucchini), feed yeast, bone meal. Vegetables should be washed and grated. They should not be rotten or frozen.

Drinking bowls, feeders and trays under the cages should be systematically washed with hot water with the addition of a 2% soda solution. The room where the birds are kept should not be damp and cold, it should be well ventilated. Weaker birds should be kept separate from stronger ones until weakened quails are strong enough to prevent fights. When buying new quails, they are quarantined for several days, only after that they are combined with the rest of the birds.

Good living conditions and balanced nutrition, as well as systematic examinations of the veterinarian, will allow you to grow a healthy livestock and get quality products. Quails are unpretentious in care and have a strong immunity by nature, so even novice poultry farmers manage to quickly gain experience and quickly increase the number of birds in their backyard.

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