Varieties of tomato varieties Masterpiece, its description and yield

Varieties of tomato varieties Masterpiece, its description and yield

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Tomatoes have long occupied pride of place on the tables and beds of vegetable growers and consumers. Tomatoes of the Masterpiece variety appeared thanks to the efforts of Russian breeders. Positive reviews secured the place of tomato among the popular plants for beginners and experienced gardeners.

General information about tomato

Today there are several types of tomato.Masterpiece:

  1. Early masterpiece;
  2. Altai masterpiece;
  3. hybrid, masterpiece

The first is preferably grown in temperate and warm climates. The plant is suitable for cultivation in open ground and greenhouses. General characteristics:

  • mid-ripening variety, berry ripening time up to 120 days;
  • high yield, up to 5 kilograms of berries from a bush over the summer;
  • undersized, height does not exceed 50 cm;
  • medium foliage;
  • leaves are small, dark green;
  • the number of fruits in a cluster is up to 6 pieces;
  • resistance to many nightshade diseases;
  • long-term storage and transportation possible.

When ripe, the berry has a sweet taste and an average weight of 120 grams. It is one of the universal ones for use.Suitable for canning, pickling and fresh consumption.

The Altai species is also mid-season. Distinctive features include:

  • tall, bush height up to 2 meters;
  • cold-resistant;
  • high yield, up to 4 kilograms per bush;
  • resistance to most diseases;
  • simple inflorescences;
  • tolerates weather changes well;
  • large-fruited, the mass of individual berries is up to 500 grams.

The variety belongs to the salad species. Ripe berries make an excellent ingredient for vegetable salads and tomato processing products: juices, pastes, sauces.

The third type Masterpiece f1 belongs to the late-ripening varieties, in all other characteristics it is similar to the Altai species.

Features of agricultural technology

All varieties of tomato Masterpiece prefer a seedling method of planting. You can get healthy seedlings by following a number of rules:

  • plant seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
  • after sowing, cover the containers with seedlings with foil;
  • when the first shoots appear, move the plants to the windowsill or to a source of artificial lighting;
  • regular watering.

IMPORTANT! Before planting, the seedlings must be hardened.

The features of agricultural technology of the Masterpiece variety have a number of general rules:

  • watering with warm, settled water in the evening or morning as needed;
  • fertilization of the soil with complex mineral fertilizer, at least 4 times per season;
  • loosening the soil;
  • regular weeding.

Altai tall variety needs tying and installation of supports. When using a garter, it is recommended to use one synthetic material. The formation of the bush should be carried out in 1-2 stems.

For a stunted species, experienced gardeners are advised to install supports under the branches in order to get a better harvest.

Gardeners' opinions

Good day! For residents of the northern regions, I recommend the Masterpiece tomato variety. The plant tolerates cold and extreme weather conditions well. The tomato shows resistance to a large number of nightshade diseases and unpretentious care. I did not find any minuses for myself.

Valentin Yagodkin, 43 years old.

I discovered the Altai Masterpiece tomato. The variety is very persistent and not capricious. Produces a decent harvest in cool, rainy summers. The berry is large, sweet and juicy. An excellent option for salads and pickles.

Arkady Novoselov, 47 years old.

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