How many years do ferrets live in domestic and wild conditions, how to determine age

How many years do ferrets live in domestic and wild conditions, how to determine age

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The ferret belongs to the genus of mammals of the weasel family. The animal has a calm, non-aggressive character. Under natural conditions, it is found in the forests of Eurasia, North America and Russia. There is no definite answer to the question - how many years do ferrets live, since this parameter is influenced by several factors (diet, habitat, genetics).

Ferrets' lifespan

The diet, living conditions in captivity or in their natural habitat are different. Therefore, the lifespan of ferrets will differ.

In nature

The most common are two types of ferrets: forest dark and steppe light. Males grow 45-50 cm long, females 35-40 cm long. The predator weighs 1.3-1.6 kg. The ferret belongs to predators and hunts small rodents, mainly vole mice. The prey of the steppe ferret can be gophers, hamsters, pikas.

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Adult predators lead a solitary life and, if they settle near human habitation, can hunt small poultry. But, in any case, food for a wild animal does not come easily.

Under natural conditions, the life span of an animal is 2-4 years, since lack of food, illness, various injuries and injuries significantly shorten the life span. In addition, ferrets often fall prey to larger predators.

In captivity at home

Of course, the pet is provided with comfortable living conditions, balanced nutritious food. Therefore, tame predators live longer - 6-10 years. If vaccination is carried out in a timely manner, then the life expectancy of castrated animals will be 10-14 years.

Of course, such operations have an impact on the behavior of pets, lifestyle.

Sterilized ferrets are calmer, more affectionate. The procedure is recommended for animals 6-8 months old. Thanks to research, it has been found that spaying lengthens the life of a furry pet.

What can affect the life of the animal

The lifespan of any animal is determined by a number of factors. Several indicators affect the life span of a ferret:

  • diet. Since pets are predators, meat is the main food item. It is not recommended to feed the animal with fruits and vegetables, since the ferret's digestive system is not adapted to assimilate plant foods;
  • an important factor is genetics (the life span of the pet's parents);
  • full care, creating comfortable living conditions significantly lengthen the life of the animal.

It is impossible to exclude the factor of diseases that can shorten life expectancy. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly examine the pet, pay attention to behavioral deviations or suspicious symptoms.

Is it possible and how to prolong the life of a ferret

Considering the factors affecting the life span of the animal, you need to adhere to the rules for keeping it:

  • Since ferrets are mobile, you need to ensure they have constant access to drinking water. Regular dehydration of the body contributes to a reduction in life expectancy;
  • food is fed in small portions 3-4 times a day;
  • periodic vaccination is a reliable way to prevent infection with dangerous deadly diseases (rabies, plague);
  • the cages are constantly cleaned, the litter is changed daily;
  • to prevent injury or poisoning, it is recommended that owners, during their absence, place pets in cages equipped for rest.

Ferrets are predators, so it is important to exclude the following foods from the diet: dry cat or dog food, milk, table food (fried, salted, sweet foods), canned food, citrus fruits.

How to determine the age of an animal

On average, ferrets live 6-7 years at home. Therefore, when acquiring an animal, it is advisable to determine its age in advance. To understand how old a furry is, you need to carefully examine its physical data. Veterinarians recommend paying attention to the condition of the teeth.

In young, nimble pets, the shreds will be white, bright and strong. Visible changes are observed in predators aged 2-4 years: the ends of the canines turn slightly yellow and become transparent. By the age of 6, small teeth may be missing on the lower jaw, the surface of the canines becomes yellow.

An attentive attitude, a full-fledged diet, comfortable living conditions are factors that affect the life span of a pet. The beast belongs to exotic pets. Therefore, before you start an animal, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for keeping it.

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