Description of the Vityaz apple variety and the taste characteristics of the fruits, yield

Description of the Vityaz apple variety and the taste characteristics of the fruits, yield

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Growing not upward, but in breadth, the Vityaz apple tree is distinguished by juicy and tasty apples that ripen in late autumn and are stored until spring. This large, stocky oak-like tree is known to many gardeners. In this material, a detailed description of the variety and its features will be given.

Description of the variety

It turned out such a variety of apple trees by crossing the varieties Anis Polosaty and Pepin Shafranny by breeder Sergei Ivanovich Isaev.

When starting to describe an apple tree, it is best to start with the fact that the ripe fruits of this type are large enough. On average, their weight reaches about 200 grams.

The apples are round-conical in shape, with a smooth cream-colored skin and red stripes. However, due to the fact that the variety is still late winter, the apple should be allowed to rest for a month and a half to gain flavor and juiciness.

Vityaz is a vigorous stocky tree that resembles a small oak tree. As a rule, the tree has large and powerful branches that allow it to withstand a rich harvest. The crown is thick. The leaves are large, dark green in color. It is from these features that it is clear that it is difficult to grow an apple tree in a small garden or near a house.

At the time of flowering of the tree, flowers are collected in light pink "bouquets" of 5 pieces. The tree blooms in late spring. When planting it, you should pay attention to the fact that the pollination of the variety is arranged in such a way that the pollen independently falls on the pistil.

Apples of the Vityaz variety belong to winter ones, since the fruits of the apple tree begin to ripen only at the end of September-October.

Pros and cons of the variety

Like every variety, the Knight has advantages and disadvantages.

The unconditional positive factors include:

  1. Plenty of fruit. As a rule, gardeners from one tree collect up to 250 kilograms.
  2. Large fruit sizes.
  3. The juiciness and sweetness of each apple.
  4. Frost resistance.
  5. Storing fruit all winter and even spring.
  6. Apples are a healthy fruit recommended by medicine to improve health.

The fruits of the Vityaz apple tree can be used on the farm:

  • for the production of juice;
  • preparation of dried fruits;
  • when canning;
  • when baking.

The disadvantages of the apple tree include several factors:

  1. Requires care in winter.
  2. Large spreading of the crown.

The disadvantages of this species are much less, therefore the bred variety is excellent for growing in any conditions and regions of the country. Moreover, the trees themselves are unpretentious to care for, which also does not leave indifferent many gardeners.

Amateur gardeners talk only about the positive characteristics of this species. Fruits from such a tree are harvested quickly, and the apple tree itself does not require much and careful care. The lack of the need for special care and a lot of advantages make Vityaz apples interesting for farmers who grow fruits for sale.

Dimensions of the tree

In the seedling stage, the Vityaz apple tree looks like an ordinary tree. However, just a couple of years after planting, the tree resembles a small oak with many branches bent downward.

The main feature of this tree is that it grows in breadth. That is why it is not recommended to plant a tree in a small area or near a house. Many gardeners still plant the apple tree in small gardens because of its positive qualities.

The structure of the crown contributes to the abundance of the harvest - a year after planting, the tree grows in width, side branches appear, forming the crown. Such a strong tree can withstand a large weight of fruit, which appears quite a lot.

Productivity and taste of fruits

The Vityaz variety bears fruit every year, starting from the third year after planting.

Vityaz apple trees delight gardeners with abundant yields. Moreover, with proper care, the gardener collects up to 250 kilograms of apples.

When removed from a tree, the fruit does not have a pronounced taste, but after a couple of months they will be juicy and sweet. They just need to “lie down” or, in another language, “ripen at home”.

The main gustatory sweetness is complemented by a pleasant sourness, which gives the fruit an unusual taste. The pulp of the fruit is juicy, creamy.
In addition to the taste of this type, it is worth noting the medical indicators for the use of apples:

  1. For the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. To increase appetite.
  3. In case of illness - gout.
  4. With excessive weight. Apples are good for maintaining body shape and normalizing digestion.
  5. For prevention.

Fruits are rich in iron, which is beneficial for pregnant women.

Frost resistant

SI Isaev specially bred an apple tree with high frost resistance. Therefore, we recommend Vityaz for cultivation in all regions of the country.

Please note that at temperatures below minus forty degrees Celsius, partial freezing of a young apple tree (in particular, buds and shoots) is possible.
Disease resistance

The apple tree is resistant to various kinds of diseases and fungi. Breeders determine the level of immunity to scab and disease as average.

To increase the immunity of the tree, it is recommended to spray in the spring. Such measures not only increase the resistance of the variety to diseases, they are aimed at their prevention.

Spraying depends on the season and climatic conditions.

In the spring, the tree is sprayed with 3% Bordeaux liquid.

In the fall, it is best to get rid of garbage in the garden, and treat it with a 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture for the winter.

It is also best to take care of the tree by performing a number of such actions:

  1. Fertilization in the spring and autumn.
  2. Watering every week.
  3. Periodic crown pruning.
  4. Winter protection.

Despite its resistance to diseases, it is best to take care of the tree so that it brings a good harvest to its owners for many years.

The timing of flowering and ripening of fruits

The Vityaz apple tree brings a bountiful harvest to its owners in the third year after planting. Sometimes a big harvest happens after five years from the moment of planting.

Since this species belongs to winter varieties, the harvest ripens by mid-autumn.

The flowering of the stem lasts about a week in the spring season, but the ripening of the fruits takes a long time.

The fruits are removed in mid-autumn (starting from late September-early October), and it is better to eat them closer to the New Year or Christmas. In this case, the fruit is filled with useful qualities and the necessary sweetness.

Growing regions

"Knights" are popular in Russia. Due to its characteristics of tolerating a temperate climate, this variety is planted mainly in the non-chernozem regions of the country.

For the northern regions, this variety is not suitable, because, with a short summer, the crop does not have time to ripen.

The Vityaz apple variety provides gardeners with fruit for the whole winter. Therefore, the owners of the gardens grow several such apple trees on their territory at the same time. First, it’s good money. Secondly, it's just delicious and healthy.

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