Description of the variety of tomatoes Golden Drop and Bifseller pink f1

Description of the variety of tomatoes Golden Drop and Bifseller pink f1

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Tomato "Golden Drop" is tall, mid-season. It is recommended for cultivation as a greenhouse variety, but in the southern regions it gives good yields on the ground.

What the variety looks like

We begin with the description of the "Golden Drop" variety with the fact that the period from the germination of tomato seeds to the harvest is about 110-115 days. The bush of the plant is tall, it grows above 2 meters. Leaves are light green, slightly elongated. The trunk is flexible, it is best formed into 1 stem. Be sure to tie up, remove stepchildren, as this variety grows very much. In the open field, you can grow these tomatoes on a trellis.

Characteristics of the bush: On one bush of the plant, up to 16 brushes can form. These tomatoes grow in large clusters, each cluster contains 10-14 pieces, and sometimes more. The weight of the fruits is 10-15 g, and the length is 3-4 cm. The fruits are practically not susceptible to cracking during growth and ripening. But they can burst from abundant watering.

Varietal tomato, its seeds do not lose their properties in the second and subsequent generations. The best harvests of tomatoes are given in a year.

The yield from one bush is about 2 kg, under very good conditions it can reach 2.5 kg. However, the small harvest is compensated by the excellent taste, beauty of the fruit and their high price on the market, so it is still profitable to grow them.

Characteristics of the fetus

The shape of the fruit of the "Golden Drop" variety is exotic, pear-shaped. Ripe tomatoes are honey-yellow, only ripe tomatoes are pale yellow with a greenish tinge. The pulp of amber "pears" is juicy, tasty, aromatic, the seeds are small. These tomatoes are perfect for preservation and fresh consumption. The "drops" in jars look great, the combination with gherkins or slices of other tomatoes is especially beautiful.

The "golden drop" is practically not susceptible to diseases of the tomato. However, it can develop apical rot. Liming of the soil is used against top rot. It is carried out in the fall after the harvest.

Description of tomato "BIFseller pink F1 M12"

These tomatoes are a hybrid of bright pink color, author's selection of the Mashtakovs. An early, tall, fruitful hybrid. Recommended for planting in film shelters, however, it gives good yields in the open field. The growing season is 95-100 days.

The tomato bush "Bifseller pink F1 M12" is massive, grows up to 1.8-2 m, so it should be tied up. To get large fruits, it is imperative to remove all stepsons. The tomato is formed into 1 trunk.

The inflorescence is simple. The bush throws out about 7 full-fledged brushes, each growing 5-7 tomatoes, shortened internodes.

The fruits of this hybrid are rounded, slightly flattened at the top and bottom of the form. These tomatoes differ in that on one bush fruits can grow with a small "nose" and without it. The weight of tomatoes is from 200 to 400 grams. Productivity up to 8-9 kg from 1 plant. The hybrid has high taste and technical characteristics:

  1. Sweet taste.
  2. Bright tomato flavor.
  3. Sugar, not watery flesh.
  4. Few seeds.
  5. Resistant to cracking.
  6. Resistant to tomato diseases.
  7. Good for salting, home preservation in the form of mashed potatoes, tomato ketchups and sauces.
  8. Well transportable.
  9. Has an excellent presentation.
  10. Stored up to 3 weeks.

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