Types of hammocks for ferrets and 6 ways to create a house with your own hands

Types of hammocks for ferrets and 6 ways to create a house with your own hands

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For the proper maintenance of pets, you need to take care of comfortable living conditions in advance. Ferrets are fluffy and quite active animals, accustomed to rest in secluded places such as minks, near stumps, logs, bushes. In nature, these little animals prefer to be on soft soil, which perfectly adapts to its body shape. At home, you can quickly and easily make a comfortable hammock for your ferret, if you know what and how.

Why is it needed

It is not difficult to make a hammock with your own hands - a hanging bed for a ferret, the main thing is to understand why you need it, what tasks it should perform. A hammock for a playful animal is not only a comfortable place to sleep, but also for games, observing what is happening around. The ferret is very fond of hiding, looking out for its "victim" from an ambush. Depending on the functions assigned to the hammock, it can be made in the form of a cozy house, a long pipe, or a labyrinth.

In addition, the ferret hammock must beto celebrate the time of the year. For example, in the summertime, it is not relevant to use a hanging couch made of cashmere, warm felt or drape. These materials are more suitable for the cold season, and in the heat, the domestic animal will not be so hot in a hammock made of thin fabric.

When making a hammock, it should be borne in mind that this playful animal is very agile, has rather sharp claws. The choice of material for a suspended bed is high density. Otherwise, nothing will remain from the hand-sewn product.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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To make the pet both interesting and exciting, pockets and a pipe are sewn to the hammock. Lay materials that make a funny rustle inside; squeaky children's toys are also suitable.

What are hammocks

There are many options for ferret hammocks. There is not only for home, but also for a hike made of tarpaulin, ropes, carabiners. The category of the most demanded includes:

  1. Classical. The lounger is made in the form of a rectangular fabric made of knitted fabric, a soft material. They hang it either with strings or with small carabiners.
  2. Hammock pillow. Outwardly, it resembles the previous product, but with the addition of foam rubber, padding polyester, rustling balls. Such a filler will make the product soft, warm and comfortable.
  3. Hammock pipe / tunnel. It can be made either from soft or dense fabric.
  4. House. The structure has four walls, a floor and a ceiling. This is a great option for winter. Inside it is worth adding pockets and toys for the pet's entertainment.
  5. Multilevel. The lounger consists of several floors, compartments. Suitable for keeping several animals.

For self-made hammocks, it is not necessary to purchase expensive materials. Unnecessary jersey T-shirts, a fleece blanket, old felt boots are quite suitable.


The size of the hanging lounger must correspond to the dimensions of the cage. It is optimal to make it from 30 × 30 cm to 35 × 45/35 × 60 cm. To the length of the ties, you need to add an allowance in order to hang the hammock at the desired height.

The material is chosen with a higher density, according to a specific season. Carabiners are often used as suitable fasteners; they are connected with strings. Can be attached to each rope using 4 pieces, or you can collect all the ties and connect at the top with a ring. Either option is fine for a pet.

How to make a hammock for a ferret with your own hands

Considering the different methods of making a suspended lounger, it is worth highlighting the main ones that everyone can do. The main thing is to prepare the necessary material and follow the instructions.

From felt boots

Making a kind of house from felt boots for a fluffy animal is quite simple and quick. To hang it in a cage, you need to stock up on strong, dense braid. A well-dried and peeled felt boot is turned upside down and the strings are sewn. Such a house is suitable both for shelter from the heat and for warming in the cold season.

Hammock pillow

Such a soft hanging lounger will be especially pleasant for a small animal, it is hung on a loggia, terrace. Here you need a piece of fabric with an allowance of 5 cm on each side.First, the material is turned inside out, sewn on the sides, leaving a small opening on one side for laying the filler. Then it is turned inside out again and the inner space is filled with padding polyester, foam rubber. A sewn hammock is hung in a cage by strings.

Hammock Trumpet

To make a tunnel for a ferret, you need to cut a rectangle out of a piece of fabric. One workpiece is recommended to be made from soft fleece, drape, felt, and the other from a suitable dense material. The manufacturing principle is the same as for a sandwich:

  • Spread the top face down on a flat surface.

  • Lay the foam rubber on it.

  • Place the workpiece on the inside on top.

  • Connect all layers with pins, sweep, tucking the edges inward.

  • Sew.

Out of the bag

It is quite possible to make a hammock with your own hands from any unnecessary handbag made from natural fabrics. The main thing is to remove accessories and small elements from it. For summer, the house is crocheted, weaved using the macrame technique. For winter, a hammock is made using knitting needles. If there is a desire and imagination, then you can create a product from a scarf, hood, sleeves and other things.

Mesh hammock

To make a sunbed, you can use a regular fishing net, or you can knit it yourself using one of the simple techniques. It is necessary to cut a rectangular blank from the mesh and from two opposite sides wind it in assemblies on tubes (pencils, sticks), their length should be 10 cm, and a diameter of 1 cm.Then sew the edges and attach ribbons to them. The result will be a comfortable hammock for sleeping and relaxing.

From fabric

The simplest pattern is a blank in the form of a square with a side of 30 cm, a rectangle with sides of 30 cm and 45 cm. For 2-3 ferrets, the size of the hammock is increased, commensurate with the free space of their main dwelling. Two cuts are connected and sewn on a sewing machine on three sides, having previously turned out. Then the workpiece is turned inside out again and sewn on the fourth side. If desired, you can use a lining fabric in addition.

For greater attractiveness, a small pillow and toys are placed inside such a bed. Ribbons of dense fabric and strings are sewn to the finished product along the edges. Carabiner fasteners are relevant here. Pets are very fond of pets in the form of a pocket. Outwardly and in design, they are similar to duvet covers.

Making a hammock for a playful animal with your own hands is quite simple. You can get by with the materials at hand. It is optimal to sew hanging beds for both hot and cold seasons. The main thing is to focus on durable, natural fabrics.

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