Choose the furnishings for the garden

Choose the furnishings for the garden

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Choosing furniture elements for the garden: Choosing the furniture elements for the garden

In addition to the design study of the green, we can beautify and make our garden more functional through a series of furnishing elements, among which we can remember the walkways both in masonry and in dry and any parking and relaxation areas equipped with benches, tables, deck. You can also add architectural details such as stones, vases and statues to be used as focal points or as a side dish to vegetable specimens. All these elements will have to adapt, as far as the shape and materials are concerned, to the style of the garden: for example, as far as the planters are concerned, keep in mind that the particularly decorated terracotta models can contribute to enrich the courtyard of a period house or of an old country house, while they will seem out of place in more modern contexts and in gardens with a more sober layout. On the contrary, too simple planters would be out of tune in refined gardens and houses with an austere and solemn aspect, ending up immediately jumping to the eye as foreign elements.


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