Introduction to the irrigation system

Introduction to the irrigation system

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Introduction to the irrigation system: Introduction to the irrigation system

To realize an irrigation system we must first of all have in mind what are the real needs of our garden, according to the elements that compose it, in order to realize the plant that we do for us. In fact, the irrigation system is usually divided into distinct sectors, for example those concerning the turf or those of tall trees, which obviously have different needs than those of the flower beds.
A first phase of planning, which takes into account all these needs, will follow the actual realization, with the installation of a rain system for example to wet the turf: in that case you can use static or dynamic sprinklers, that direct the water jet. On the other hand, in the case of stem plants or potted crops, you can use drip or micro-sprinkler wings: these irrigation systems made with tubes that carry a small but constant amount of water only where they are needed have the advantage of not wasting water and also, avoiding wetting the aerial part of the plant, they provide an excellent prevention against the onset of fungal diseases. Moreover, from the point of view of system programming, as far as operating times are concerned, these systems can be easily and economically automated.


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