When how much and where to water the plants

When how much and where to water the plants

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When how much and where to water the plants

The quantity and frequency of irrigation constitute a fundamental question for the care of a garden, which becomes all the more important in the case of the irrigation system, since on the basis of this consideration its operation will be regulated. Usually the capacity of the sprinklers varies according to the nozzle used, but what matters most in this case is the range and the area covered by the sprinkler itself, verifying that it has a homogeneous coverage of the surface. You can check this homogeneity by placing a series of graduated measuring cups over the area covered by the sprinkler. The best coverage of an area is obtained with the correct arrangement of the sprinklers, square or triangular, perhaps even shortening the range: there is indeed a big difference if the same water flow works on a range of 10 meters or only 7, 5.
However, by reducing the range by 25% there is no corresponding increase in wetting, since the area of ​​the irrigated surface does not vary in linear proportion, but according to the proportions of the circle. In any case, a correct arrangement also foresees the overlapping areas of the jets, since otherwise the range of action of the single sprinkler would leave uncovered sections.


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