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The radish is a vegetable turnip, one of the most ancient and common crops particularly appreciated for the taste of its root. There are many varieties that grow in the second or third shift of rotation, without forgetting that the radish is particularly suitable as a crop interlayer together with other vegetables. Sow radishes from March, perhaps for the first time under a tunnel, while with the advance of the season, arriving until May-June, later varieties will have to be chosen. Place the radishes about 5 cm apart, at a depth of about 1 cm; if they are sown more densely they will not fully develop their root. Keep the soil moist, so that the root does not taste too spicy. In spring, because the radish reaches maturity, it takes about 5-6 weeks, while in summer it takes only 4. Be careful not to let the radishes in the flowerbed grow old because they would compromise their texture and taste.


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