Irrigation of plants and shrubs

Irrigation of plants and shrubs

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Irrigation of plants and shrubs

The purpose of irrigation is to keep the soil in which the plant or shrub is rooted moist, so as to create favorable conditions for its development also as regards salt concentration. We distinguish the irrigation of potted plants and shrubs from the one on the ground: keep in mind that the techniques of the latter are not transferable to the first, due to the differences that occur in the hydrogeology of the substrate and above all to the greater sensitivity and delicacy of the potted specimens. In both cases it is necessary to inform about the water needs of the plant and the characteristics of the soil, for example its porosity, to implement irrigation techniques that take these factors into account, in addition to the climate and environmental conditions.
As an example we can say that a young plant, which has no more than two years, must also be watered weekly during the hottest period, while an older plant, with an adequate root development can also be irrigated only once a month.


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